Nurse dating former patient

21-Jul-2017 18:38

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These feelings kept me from being an adult and taking care of myself.

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Light because I know better my past and this is not only a black hole like it was before. Hope because I know that I am on the right path, the path of healing slowly but surely.

I want to add, that now after all this time I am able to love truly, myself and others, while before I always had to run away from people that hurt me, cut them out of my life because it hurt too much.

Now I can verbalize my thoughts and feelings and understand others, which helps me keep friendships and other relationships.

It may help to change the practice of psychotherapy as we know it, and above it, how we give birth today; the shoulds and should nots.

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It explains in detail how early trauma and adversity can have lifelong consequences and result in serious afflictions from cancer to diabetes. Arthur Janov examines the power of beliefs and how they are used as a mechanism for dealing with early trauma that goes as far back as birth.